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April-June 2005

19 June 2005
This is a good 'un: The Private Twilight of Jacko Tate.

17 June 2005
Some new stuff this time. There's the novelization of Sid and Nancy, the first volume of Laurence James' The Witches, and the 1960s sexploitation piece Insatiable. There's also the first two volumes in the Oliver Grape trilogy, a bonus Orrie Hitt scan, and the paperback edition of the magnificent Blood Secrets. Oh, and there's a new volume in the 4-Square gothic series.

1 June 2005
Same routine as last time, really. I revised the review of Breaking Glass, 'cos I re-read it, and I've added alternative editions for Poppy Mandragora and the New Sex and The Fourth of June. There will be some new books shortly, I promise - just been busy for the last couple of months.

21 April 2005
Here's some additions to existing pages, and some bonus covers: Another Stretch of Porridge, Imperial Governor, Corruption, The Fourth of June and Europe After the Rain.

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