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Good Luck Mister Cain

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Secker & Warburg, London, 1976
(price: 2.90; 140 pages)

photography: Graham Miller

The blurb on the back:

Harry Grant is picking up a living in his Central London patch, here a game of cards, there selling the odd car that - strictly - isn't his to sell. Nothing massive, nothing dangerously ambitious; Harry is proud of his record with the law and anxious to keep the sheet clean. But a very useful hand in a casual poker session puts him on the scent of money - a lot of money - and Harry is a man who finds money difficult to resist. The trouble is that this stroke of luck puts Harry in direct competition with Mister Cain, who is in a very special trade. Mister Cain's a killer.
Harry Grant, moving rapidly and never in a straight line through his own tangled world of gaming clubs, plush restaurants, motorway junctions and seedy strip clubs, has to be sure that his footwork is fast, and good. For Harry is out of his league and Mister Cain, remember, is a killer.

Mr Cain in paperback
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