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- special bonus book covers -

Good Luck Mister Cain - Ten Days, Mr Cain?

The blurbs on the backs:

Good Luck Mr Cain
Small-time crook. Big-time killer.
On the fringe of the London underworld, Harry Grant picks up a dubious living: the occasional forgery deal, the odd game of cards, but mainly selling cars that - strictly - aren't his to sell. Nothing dangerous, nothing too ambitious, for Harry's proud of his record and wants to keep the sheet clean. Then, a lucky hand of cards in a casual poker session offers him the chance of hitting the big-time and Harry's a man who finds fifteen grand difficult to resist. The only trouble is that this particular stroke of luck puts Harry in direct competition with Mr Cain. And Mr Cain is in a very special trade - Mr Cain is a professional killer...

Ten Days, Mr Cain?
Deadline for death.
At the time it looked like a good idea for Harry Grant to take off for the States with ten grand belonging to Mister Cain in his pockets. Harry had reason to believe Cain was dead.
Now Harry's back in town, but friends are acting strangely. And when a piece of hot property lands Harry in trouble with the police, it also puts him in direct line with Mister Cain.
Cain - a killer. Expert. Deadly. Professional. With ten thousand very good reasons for wishing to have a word with Harry in a very quiet place. Suddenly Harry grant is up against a grim deadline. Ten grand in ten days or - Mister Cain comes collecting...

my thanks to Mr Martin J Walker
for donating these scans