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July-September 2002

28 September 2002
It's been a while, but that's 'cos we've been on holiday (Marseilles, since you ask) and I've been busy since. I've also been working on a new angle to the site, which I'll tell you about later. Meantime here's a trio of curiosities: Expresso Bongo and Hype! are stories about the rock & roll industry, separated by thirty years, while Gold Scoop is (unexpectedly) another novel from the ITN stable: not exactly a full-time job, that newsreading, then.

15 September 2002
There's a lot of anti-American feeling around these days, which is not right. So just to remind ourselves that this is not a monocultural empire we're talking about, here's a brief tribute to one of the greatest figures of the modern world, who also happens to be American: Angela Davis.

7 September 2002
At a time when Little Tony Blair is busy doing his best comedy impression of a world statesman, here are some other jokers from Islington: Mike & Bernie Winters and Arthur Mullard. Then we've got a movie novelization in Desperately Seeking Susan and finally a brace of TV tie-ins: Going Straight and Get Smart.
And, following on from the Books and Authors last week, I've started splitting up some of the bigger indices: TV and films this time.

31 August 2002
First up, here's the new books: to wit, the novelizations of The Boys from the Blackstuff, King and Castle and The Warriors. Of these, the Liverpool TV drama and cult New York gang pieces probably need no explanation, but you may have forgotten King and Castle. Admittedly this is because it was never up to very much, but the novelization is by our old friend John Burke, who now has just one fewer book than Leonore Fleischer on this site.
Then I ought to mention that I've split the indices of Authors and Books up into alphabetical sections - not very fascinating, I grant you, but quite time-consuming. And then there are the general house-keeping bits and pieces, where I find the odd new fact or the odd new picture: there's a photo of Lord Wolfenden, for example, and a nice still from God Told Me To. Usual sort of stuff, then.

17 August 2002
Here's a handful of British novels from the olden days - The Artist Type, The Blue Ants, The Doubtful Disciple and Jack Would Be A Gentleman - together with Alan Coren writing about Sherlock Holmes for the kids' market. I've also added Digit to the publishers' index - I've only got a couple of their books, but they're beautiful covers. Oh, and left over from yesterday, I ought to mention the arrival of Michael McDowell's Gothic epic Blackwater.
Also from yesterday is a Golden Web Award that I got. Do these things mean anything? I don't rightly know, but there it is nonetheless.

10 August 2002
The TV tie-ins seem to be quite popular so here's a fresh batch: The Avengers, Land of the Giants, Raffles, Shelley and Within These Walls.

7 August 2002
Just one addition, but it should make quite a difference. Now that I've got more than a thousand pages on the site, I thought I'd better put a search engine on the main page. It all seems to work very nicely - some adverts, but not too intrusive, I think - and I'd like to thank my friends at Free Find for making it available.

29 July 2002
A couple of completely new books here, The Comedian and The Abduction, together with a brace of additions, Grease joining Grease 2 and a further Man From UNCLE cover.
As is increasingly the case, however, most of the new stuff this week is to do with amendments to existing pages, which become necessary as embarrassing gaps in my knowledge get filled. I didn't know, for example, that Peter Saxon was a pseudonym originally used by W Howard Baker. How dumb do I feel? Then there's an additional list of works by Mr Orrie Hitt, who I know from my web stats is still a big favourite with many of you.
Finally, my thanks to a correspondent, Simon Jones, for identifying the artists responsible for several of the covers of the SF books illustrated here.

20 July 2002
You'll have noticed that this site doesn't exactly represent the cutting edge of online graffix. I like to pretend that the ease of loading makes up for the lack of innovation. Turns out, however, that the old adage is incorrect and this old dog has learnt the new trick of random selection (new to me, obviously, old hat to anyone else). So I've introduced a page whimsically entitled Random House (thanks to Adeniké for that). And the point of the page is that when you find yourself confronted by too much choice, you can come here and have a book chosen at random for you to have a look at. Simple, yet immense fun, I'm sure you'll agree.
Oh, and I added a random quote generator to the home page and to the Top 20 as well.

13 July 2002
Not one, but two books by Mr John Gardner join us this week - The Censor and The Revenge of Moriarty - together with the truly awful It's A Knock-Up!, the better Binding With Briars, and the novelization of a celebrated cult movie, Phantom of the Paradise. There are also a couple of vintage political novels: Maurice Edelman's The Prime Minister's Daughter and Graham Lord's The Spider and the Fly. My advice is to check out the latter first, if you fancy a 1970s denunciation of 'demonstrations, anarchy and pornography': good stuff, it is.

6 July 2002
This week we welcome to the fold Joseph Locke's novelization of episodes 4 and 5 of The Nightmare on Elm Street and Robert Harling's The Hollow Sunday. Then there are some old favourites that are joined by companion books: the second volume of Kung Fu, Rocky II and That'll Be The Day. And, because I know from my web stats that there are a lot of Oh Calcutta out there, I've added another picture of people as naked as nature intended. Enjoy.
This is something of an auspicious update, since it brings the total number of pages on this site to one thousand. Just thought I'd mention it.

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