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Ace (both UK and USA)
Verily Anderson Beware of Children
Gil Brewer It Takes A Thief
Edgar Rice Burroughs Land of Terror
Robert Dietrich Be My Victim
Nick Kamin/John Rackham The Herod Men/Dark Planet
John Kenneth The Big Question
Arthur Laurents West Side Story
David McDaniel The Arsenal Out Of Time
Wolf Mankowitz Expresso Bongo
Jack Ramsay The Rage

Angela Davis An Autobiography
Les Dawson The Malady Lingers On
Brian De Palma & Campbell Black Dressed To Kill
Susan Dworkin Desperately Seeking Susan
Leonore Fleischer Annie
Bob Gale 1941
Ray Galton & Alan Simpson The Spy With the Cold Nose
Trisha Marshall A Fine Romance
Bernard McKenna & Colin Bostock-Smith The Odd Job
Christopher Nicole The Face of Evil
William Prendergast Z-Car Detective
Ruth Rendell Some Lie and Some Die
Jack Roffey Hostile Witness
Peter Tinniswood I Didn't Know You Cared
various artists The Second Arrow Book of Horror Stories

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CK Chandler God Told Me To
Leonore Fleischer Heaven Can Wait
Max Franklin Starsky & Hutch
Nicholas Meyer The Seven-Per-Cent Solution
Vita Mietzitis Night Dancin'
Julia Sorel Rocky

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CS Cody This Witching Night
HB Gilmour Pretty In Pink
Pete Goodman Our Own Story by the Rolling Stones
Sebastien Japrisot The Lady in the Car with Glasses
Jerzy Kosinski Being There
Jack Oleck Tales From the Crypt
Suzanne Rand Laurie's Song
Norman Spinrad Little Heroes
Todd Strasser Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Robert Weverka The Waltons: The Easter Story

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Tom Brandt Run Brother Run
Comer Clarke The War Within
Royston Ellis Myself For Fame
Royston Ellis Rebel
Royston Ellis The Shadows By Themselves
James M Fox Code Three
William Sansom The Body

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The Beginner's Guide to Absolute Beginners: The Musical
Poul Anderson Satan's World
Piers Anthony Orn
Max Austin Out
James Robert Baker Fuel Injected Dreams
Robert Barnard Political Suicide
Robert Bloch Psycho
Ray Bradbury The Illustrated Man
Jeremy Burnham & Trevor Ray Raven
Louis Charbonneau The Corrupt and the Innocent
Simon Cooper The Rag Dolls
Sheila Cousins To Beg I Am Ashamed
JT Edson & Peter Clawson Blonde Genius
Hal Ellson Tomboy
Ian Evans Star Maidens
Alan Fletcher Quadrophenia
John Gardner The Liquidator
HB Gilmour Eyes of Laura Mars
George Gipe Back to the Future
William Haggard The Doubtful Disciple
William Haggard The Hardliners
Christopher Hodder-Williams Chain Reaction
Terry James Waggoners' Walk
Joseph Kell One Hand Clapping
John Kennedy Tommy Steele
Rosemary Kingsland Just A Gigolo
Donald B Louria The Drug Scene
Thomas Luke The Hell Candidate
John Lymington The Giant Stumbles
Michael McDowell Blackwater
Bill McGhee Cut and Run
JT McIntosh World Out Of Mind
Roger Manvell The Dreamers
Nan Maynard All Sauce for the Gander
Michael Parry Reign of Terror
Curtis Richards Halloween
Gerald Savory Count Dracula
AV Sellwood & Peter Haining Devil Worship in Britain
Robert Sheckley Shards of Space
Alan Simpson & Ray Galton Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock
Dennis Sinclair The Friends of Lucifer
Whitley Streiber The Hunger
AE Van Vogt Monsters

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Linda Barnes Steel Guitar
Paul Bryers Hollow Target
Edmund Cooper Five To Twelve
Edmund Cooper Kronk
Edmund Cooper Who Needs Men?
John de St Jorre & Brian Shakespeare The Patriot Game
Joan Kahn Some Things Strange and Sinister
Nicholas Meyer The West End Horror
Chris Mullin A Very British Coup
Bob Sarlin Turn It Up (I Can't Hear The Words)
Hugh Thomas The Murder of Rudolph Hess
Donald E Westlake Up Your Banners
Gordon Williams Big Morning Blues

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William Hegner The Scandal Goddess
Frank Kane A Real Gone Guy
Frank Kane Two To Tangle
Ted Mark Room at the Topless
Leonard Nimoy Will I Think Of You?
Washington Post The Fall of a President

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Bernard Newman The Blue Ants
Luan Ranzetta The World in Reverse
Donald A Wollheim ed. More Terror in the Modern Vein

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Peter Haining The Midnight People
Arthur Mullard Oh, Yus, It's Arthur Mullard
Tam Paton & Michael Wale The Bay City Rollers
Emperor Rosko The DJ Book

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Nicholas Blake Malice in Wonderland
R Chetwynd-Hayes Gaslight Tales of Terror
Brian Clemens Thriller
Ray Connolly That'll Be The Day/Stardust
Mary Danby The 8th Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories
John Hadfield A Chamber of Horrors
Jim McGarry Irish Tales of Terror
Tommy Steele The Final Run

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Four Square
Michael Avallone The Man From UNCLE
Batman vs The Penguin
William Beckford Vathek
William Godwin Caleb Williams
Robert Gover One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding
Peter Haining The Craft of Terror
Lillian Hellman The Children's Hour
Fritz Leiber The Silver Eggheads
Daniel P Mannix The Hell-Fire Club
Frederick Marryat The Phantom Ship
George Moor The Pole and Whistle
Elliott O'Donnell The Midnight Hearse
Holly Roth Sleeper
Kurt Singer Ghost Omnibus
Kurt Singer Second Ghost Omnibus

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Iain Banks Espedair Street
Robert Black The Satanists
Eddie Braben The Best of Morecambe & Wise
Paul Breeze While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Felicity Douglas Within These Walls
Lee Dunne Maggie's Story
Jack Osborne Easton Defence of the Realm
Philip José Farmer An Exorcism
Leonore Fleischer The Rose
Dewey Gram Foxes
Oliver Grape Onward Virgins/Crumpet Voluntary/It's A Knock-Up!
Stan Hey & Andrew Nickolds Hold the Back Page
William Howard Caligula
Eric Idle Hello Sailor
Timothy Lea Confessions of a Pop Performer
Joseph Locke The Nightmares on Elm Street
Margaret Mander Suzi Quatro
Robert McKew with Reed De Rouen Death List
Philip Oakes The Entertainers: Tony Hancock
Donald Seaman The Committee
SP Somtow Vampire Junction
Johnny Speight It Stands To Reason
Sylvester Stallone Rocky II
George Tremlett The Osmonds Story &c.

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Ray Connolly Trick or Treat?
Xaviera Hollander Madame l'Ambassadrice
Keith Miles The Boys from the Blackstuff
George Shipway The Chilian Club
Peter Tinniswood The Home Front
Leon Whiteson Scanners

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W Howard Baker The Big Steal
Harold K Banks The Strangler
Syd Bentlif Horror Anthology
Robin Cade The Fear Dealers
Martin Caidin Cyborg
Peter Dane The Garden of Heaven
August Derleth Dark Mind, Dark Heart
Maurice Edelman The Prime Minister's Daughter
Rosalind Erskine Passion Flowers in Business
Martyn Goff Indecent Assault
David Gurney The 'F' Certificate
Desmond Hall I Give You Oscar Wilde
Tine Holm I, A Teenager
Clive Irving et al. Scandal '63
Jeremy Lloyd Are You Being Served?
Ted Mark The Square Root of Sex
Johnny Morgan Nothing Barred
Michael Parry Jack the Knife
Michael Parry The 6th Mayflower Book of Black Magic Stories
Desmond Reid Dead Respectable
George Revelli Commander Amanda Nightingale
Kenneth Royce The XYY Man
Peter Saxon Satan's Child
Ernest Tidyman Flower Power
James Turner The Unlikely Ghosts
Tony Van Den Bergh The Padded Ring

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John Burke King and Castle
Gerald Cole Sid and Nancy
Jonathan Fast The Inner Circle
Jeremy Hardy Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation
Barrie Keeffe No Excuses
Eric Morecambe Mr Lonely

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