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January-March 2003

Dr Evil vs Mini-Me 30 March 2003
Jon Ruddy The Bargain

Just another story of a far-right imperialist coming up against a feudal warlord.
Whoops! 20 March 2003
Hal Lindsey There's A New World Coming

Hey Mickey, let's invade another country!
Whoops! 17 March 2003
Robert Barnard Political Suicide

with Tony 'Me Too' Blair finally abandoning all pretence of being either a democrat or a member of the Labour Party, surely he can't survive long? Please say he can't.
Happy birthday to me 12 March 2003
John Davidson Motel Mistress

to celebrate my birthday, a book that's as old as I am
Adam RIP 8 March 2003
Ray Connolly Stardust

in honour of Adam Faith, Britain's first rock star, who died today
Ms Stalin 5 March 2003
Martin Ebon Svetlana

50 years since the death of Uncle Joe Stalin, here's the story of his daughter
Welsh nationalism 1 March 2003
John Summers The Disaster

a classic Welsh novel for St David's Day
WMD 22 February 2003
Peter Haining The Hero

trying to scare us all with stories about filthy foreigners owning weapons of mass destruction is nothing new, of course...
the anti=Bosie 14 February 2003
Rohase Piercy The Coward Does It With A Kiss

an alternative love story for Valentine's Day
Neigh, lad... 8 February 2003
Pamela Moore The Horsy Set

to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the kidnapping of Shergar
Back to Mono 3 February 2003
Richard Williams Out Of His Head

Phil Spector is charged with murder - I wish I could say that I don't believe it...
Bavarian bint 26 January 2003
Gillian Freeman Nazi Lady

to mark the death of Hugh Trevor-Roper, the man who authenticated the Hitler diaries, here are some more fictional memoirs of the Third Reich
The Grocer 24 January 2003
Iain Sproat The Picture Life of Ted Heath

40 years since De Gaulle said 'Non' to British entry into Europe and 30 years since Ted got us in at a reduced rate
Who breaks a butterfly on a wheel? 17 January 2003
Tam Paton The Bay City Rollers

enough already - let Tam Paton get on with his life, and stop the legal persecution...
Natty dread liberate Zimbabwe 14 January 2003
Judith Todd The Right To Say No

the England cricket team for the forthcoming World Cup seem reluctant to honour their commitment to play in Zimbabwe
I heard that! Pardon? 9 January 2003
Peter Tinniswood I Didn't Know You Cared

Peter Tinniswood died today
Woy gone 5 January 2003
Ian Bradley Breaking the Mould?

in honour of Roy Jenkins, the best Home Secretary we ever had (and the best Prime Minister we never had), who died today
1 January 2003
a selection of books that celebrate anniversaries in 2003
Holmes and Watson: A Miscellany
Never Give A Millionaire An Even Break
Escape From the Planet of the Apes
All Night Long

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