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January-March 2004

happy families 31 March 2004
James Robert Baker Tim & Pete

to celebrate the Civil Relationships Bill, formalizing gay relationships
don't bother to write 30 March 2004
William Sloan Tear Gas & Hungry Dogs

as tributes pour in to Alistair Cooke, we remember that this is the man who defended segregation and the Vietnam War
it's for you 25 March 2004
Bob Randall The Calling

it's Annunciation Day
a new watergate 21 March 2004
The Washington Post The Fall of a President

a year on from the illegal invasion of Iraq, and still Blair's trapped in the labyrinth of his own lies
cheers 12 March 2004
J F Bone The Lani People

to celebrate my birthday, a book published in the year I was born
click here 5 March 2004
John Summers The Disaster

today is the 20th anniversary of the start of the miners' strike
recommended 3 March 2004
Valerie France Change of Love

the first review copy ever sent to this site - good book, too
yawn 29 February 2004
Henry N Beard & Douglas C Kenney Bored of the Rings

proving yet again that the Oscars are inherently dull, there's some fuss about little furry creatures with a penchant for crap jewellery
acker days are here again 28 January 2004
Peter Leslie & Patrick Gwynn-Jones The Book of Bilk

many Acker returns to Mr Bilk on his 75th birthday
smoke up, kids 22 January 2004
Alan Bestic Turn Me On, Man

the government launches a 1m advertising campaign to inform us of the new cannabis regulations
doctor's orders 13 January 2004
Christopher Nicole The Face of Evil

Britain's most prolific civilian murderer, Dr Harold Shipman, has been found dead in gaol
who killed cock robin? 6 January 2004
Gary Allen None Dare Call It Conspiracy

as the inquest on Diana & Dodi finally opens, surely no one really believes the truth will come out
1 January 2004
a selection of books that celebrate anniversaries in 2004
The Third Skin
The Wild White Witch
The Specialist
All Night Long

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