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July-September 2004

28 September 2004
Been a long while, I'm afraid, but I had my own book to promote. I trust you've all bought a copy. No? Oh well. Here's some new stuff anyway: The Rage, Bill Meilen's Moving On, Peter Saxon's Black Honey and The Odd Job.

3 September 2004
A couple of oldies and a couple of modern novels, a classic and a decent solid piece in each pair: The Body, The Giant Stumbles, To Major Tom and Goodnight Steve McQueen.

17 August 2004
New reviews of The Children's Hour, The Führer Seed and Stark Raving Elvis. Also new cover scans of the paperback works of the great Brian Freeborn.

11 August 2004
A brace of novels by Ronald Scott Thorn, a newcomer to these pages but a very welcome one: a psychological thriller, The Full Treament, and a domestic comedy, Upstairs and Downstairs.

5 August 2004
I am massively indebted to a correspondent, Mr Duncan Ball, who has kindly forwarded me scans of all the volumes I didn't have of the Pan Book of Horror Stories. He also provided me with lists of the contents of those volumes, enabling me to produce a definitive index to the entire series. Many, many thanks to him.

2 August 2004
I'm getting way behind again, but here's Tara Hanks' Wicked Baby to keep you going.

7 July 2004
We welcome the arrival of The Goodies, together with The Bluffer's Guide to Art and a cover scan of Johnny Speight's It Stands To Reason. And for those who prefer something a bit tougher, there's volume three in the Amanda Nightingale series.

3 July 2004
A trio of horror movie novelizations: Rabid, The Incredible Melting Man and The Satanists. This latter was already here as a cover scan, but I've tried to read it now, so it gets upgraded. And while we're on the subject of Rick Baker's make-up (he did The Incredible Melting Man), I've also added a cover scan of The Making of King Kong.

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