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October-December 2001

15 December 2001
Time to round up a few more loose canon [sic]: The Man From UNCLE, Eastenders, Albion Market, Espedair Street, The Wrong Box, The Lickerish Quartet and Tommy Steele's debut novel The Final Run.

1 December 2001
As you start thinking about Christmas shopping, here's a small handful of comedy books for your consideration: Les Dawson, Morecambe and Wise, Porridge and Tony Hancock.

24 November 2001
There's a new section now: Horror. Some of this just collects titles from elsewhere, but to make it worth visiting, I've also included three features on classic cover art from the 1960s and '70s: The Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult, the anthologies edited by Peter Haining and Four Square Horror.
Also, to celebrate the death of Mary Whitehouse yesterday and the failure of Mick Jagger to reach even a thousand sales of his solo album in the first week of release, I've added one of my favourite photos from the 1960s: the ultimate Dream Ticket.

10 November 2001
I've added a special featurette to the movies section, detailing some of the best film-work of Mr David Bowie, which I feel sure will bring much joy into your life.

21 October 2001
I'm gradually mopping up a few loose books, and here's a half-dozen additions to the site: The Droop, Women's Barracks, I, A Teenager, The Tin Men, Together and Up The Junction. I've also found a photo of Chris Mullin, which is something of a mixed blessing. And there are a couple more hidden pages, unlisted anywhere, for those who want to explore a bit.

14 October 2001
I've put up the first entries in the Sherlock Holmes section. There will be more to come, but there's a start at least.

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