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January-March 2002

31 March 2002
Well, it's been six months since I started this site and I'd like to take this opportunity of delivering a full-on Oscar-level acceptance speech in which I express my unqualified and undying love for each and every one of you. But you'll probably tell me to sod off, so I won't bother.
In those six months the number of books covered has increased four-fold - if we continue at the same rate of expansion, this will be in a decade's time the third largest library in the world and I shan't be able to get in my front door. Meanwhile the number of visitors has increased by a similar factor and if this continues ... oh, okay, I'll stop it.
I just wanted to say thank you for coming to see some of the nonsense that's lurking on my bookshelves, and - particularly - thanks to those of you who have e-mailed me. The personal contacts are really appreciated.
To celebrate the demi-anniversary, I've added a couple of index pages for Crime Novels and for Gay & Lesbian books and a new index of the principal publishers. Also there's an archived section for Books of the Week and for the contents of this page. None of it's very exciting, I grant you, but it'll make a bit more sense at some point.

24 March 2002
Okay, enough books on the SDP and kids TV; we're heading for some genuine hardcore no-nonsense pure trash fiction now. Check these out: The Big Steal, Kiss The Boys & Make Them Cry, The Scandal Goddess, This Animal Is Mischievous, The Trial and Vegas Virgins. Oh, and Oh! Calcutta!. More to come on the same lines.

16 March 2002
This week I have mostly been housekeeping. I've scattered a few album sleeves around the place, which you'll bump into if you wander around, there are new scans in the Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult here and here, and there are a couple of additional covers (Tony Parsons and Alex Stuart spring to mind). But there are only two entirely new books: Little Heroes and The Deer Hunter. If you've got the patience, however, hang on for the next batch, which should arrive in a week or so and will include half a dozen of real prime slices of trash.

9 March 2002
Time for some non-fiction, then. First, there are some entirely new sets of books: volumes about murderers, witches, Stalinists and the odd disgraced Tory. And then there are a couple of additions to existing pages: John Dean's account of Watergate and a study of Tony Hancock, which is part of my attempt to get Hancock all over this site. It's also my birthday this week, which means a self-indulgent choice as book of the week: something as old as I am.

6 March 2002
I've revamped the gallery of science fiction covers, and added a couple more books to it. Well, worth a look, I think you'll find.

2 March 2002
I know this site lacks a certain amount of focus, its remit being somewhat broader than is customary, and I don't know that today's additions are going to help the cause, but here goes. We start with a few books inspired by or inspiring films: The Dark, Last Tango In Paris, Midnight Cowboy and the magnificent Being There. Then there's a trio of TV spin-offs - all of them well above average, as it happens - Kung Fu, Minder and The Tomorrow People. And finally a couple of science fiction pieces: Chain Reaction and Mick Farren's The Feelies.

22 February 2002
Well, it turns out that it's not just books. What we're looking at here is some magazines, to wit Bucketfull of Brains and a clutch of publications from the 1990s that are no longer with us, namely Ikon, The Box, Neon and Encore.

10 February 2002
After the last lot of sub-standard additions, we've got some genuine classics this time: Trial and ErrorStoryboard and a brace of novels by William Sloan. Mind you, there's also The Waltons and Peter Saxon's Corruption by way of ballast.
For no readily apparent reason, I've also added a list of some of my own published work.

2 February 2002
Here's a whole bunch of stuff, with no particular logic or structure: 100 Dollar Misunderstanding, 1941, After Henry, Back to the Future, Dawn of the Dead, Confessions of a Hitch-Hiker, Independence Day, Jesus of Nazareth, Legend of the Werewolf, The Liquidator, Maundy and A New Kind of Love. That's a dozen books, some of them okay but none of them particularly essential to your collection. To apologize for that, here's a bonus cover that really is: Swingin' Dors, the first autobiography of Diana 'I've been a naughty girl' Dors.

26 January 2002
Here's half-a-dozen new novels, five of them horror, and one of them just horrible. Blood Games, Blood Secrets, Children of the Night, The Dreamers and The Witching Night are all of interest, ranging from the good to the superlative; The Specialist, on the other hand, is appalling.

23 January 2002
There's a new book of the week (and I use the term 'week' very loosely). This is the tenth book to be so selected and - in response to the nearly two e-mails that have flooded in from Mrs Trellis of North Wales - I've now added an archive of them, so that you can remind yourself of what's been happening in the world over the last couple of months.

21 January 2002
I came across a copy of Peter Hammill's book of poetry on my shelves and I thought you'd like to have a look at it with me.

19 January 2002
So we've got the complete works of the great Grace Metalious, together with the transgender classic I Want What I Want and some movie/TV tie-ins: Foxes, Play Misty For Me, Heaven Can Wait and Catweazle. In case that all sounds a bit wet and girly for you, there's also some proper violent stuff with The Division and Out.

12 January 2002
I've added the new section I've been threatening for some time: non-fiction. Even by the standards of this site, the selection of books in the new section is pretty damn random: from pop to pornography, wrestling to Watergate, comedians to communism. I know there's not much logic to any of it, but - broadly speaking - this is the stuff that interests me. The structure's slightly different to the other bits, with books grouped together for ease of discussion. Oh, hell, you'll see how it works.

2 January 2002
Just one addition here, but it's so good I simply couldn't wait to share it with you: The Pole and Whistle is a great lost gay novel from the mid-1960s. I've also started re-organizing in anticipation of the forthcoming Non-Fiction section.

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