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April-June 2002

30 June 2002
Neither mind the width, feel the quality here: Edogawa Rampo's Japanese Tales of Mystery and Imagination and Gordon Honeycombe's Neither The Sea Nor The Sand (yep, that Gordon Honeycombe). There are also a couple of new horror covers you might like: The Satanists and The Vault of Horror.

23 June 2002
Here's some nice new books for you to look at: Angel Alone, The Sleeper and They.

15 June 2002
In honour of the Queen's Birthday Honours List and the granting of a knighthood to that other old queen Mick Jagger, we made him Book of the Week and added a handful of other rock biographies.

13 June 2002
I was just going to put up a pair of humour double-headers - by Robert Klane and Peter Tinniswood - but then a couple of Leonore Fleischer novelizations turned up and you know that I can't resist the likes of Annie and The Rose.

9 June 2002
There's a bit of general tidying up going on, which needn't detain us here, but just to keep things ticking over, I've added a couple of books for the Crime & Punishment section: Sebastien Japrisot's The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun and Malice in Wonderland by Cecil Day Lewis under the name Nicholas Blake.

4 June 2002
I was sorting through my bookshelves and I came across another Profumo-related book, which I thought you'd like to see: Ludovic Kennedy's The Trial of Stephen Ward. And since I know, from checking on the web stats, that Ms Keeler et al still have a healthy following, I've added a few photos of the young ladies who enchanted a nation: Christine Keeler, Mandy Rice-Davies, Vickie Barrett and Ronna Ricardo.

2 June 2002
A trio of science-fiction of wildly varying styles and eras: Fritz Leiber's The Silver Eggheads, Philip José Farmer's An Exorcism and the first volume of Trevor Hoyle's novels from the TV series Blake's 7.

28 May 2002
Been a while, I know, but here's another ten books, covering pretty much the whole spectrum of our interests on this site. There's a 1970s TV spin-off with Angels, a trio of movie novelizations in Escape from Planet of the Apes, Eyes of Laura Mars, Defence of the Realm, and a couple of British crime novels from 1971 (the camp The Fakers, and the hard-boiled Plender). There's also a horror semi-classic in Unholy Trinity and a nice bit of '70s terrorism in The Weatherman Guy. Then there's a celebrity novel, Talent, in which Nigel Rees takes on the music industry, and finally a solid gold piece of genius in Pamela Hansford Johnson's An Error of Judgement.

18 May 2002
Having now reached a total of more than 900 pages on this site, it occurred to me that it might be a bit overwhelming for a new visitor. So I've selected out twenty of the best novels as a kind of introduction to the scope of what's covered here. You'll find this list on a page entitled simply the best. I guess the selection will change from time to time.

8 May 2002
Just wanted to let you know that I've added another five covers to the gallery of SF covers.

5 May 2002
Again just a minor addition to the ranks this week, and not really very trash: there are a brace of style guides from the glory days of the 1960s, and two views of the gender wars of the 1980s, plus a new bit of witchcraft with Ritual Magic.

28 April 2002
This is a small and pretty random selection of books to add, but time's short and I thought I'd better do something, so here's the trashy Immoral/Forbidden, together with a wonderful Vietnam novel, The LBJ Brigade and a trio of movie spin-offs: Porridge, Piranha and Rocky.

21 April 2002
If I were to draw a bar chart showing distribution by decade of the books on this site, then ... well, then I'd be a very sad person, I guess. But such an exercise would, I think, reveal a bulge in the 1970s, that being my kind of era. I know, however, the older stuff is still more popular, so here's five novels from the period 1954-64, with the usual caveat about varying quality. We'll do these in alphabetical order again then, shall we? Balzac '64, The Big Question, The Horsy Set, Never Give A Millionaire An Even Break and The Third Skin. The last mentioned is the recommended volume.
What I've also done - and I'd welcome any comments on this - is to add a new section to the page, with the opening sentence or two from each book. Is this worth doing, or does it just confuse the issue with too much information?

14 April 2002
There'll be some more reviews along shortly, but in the meantime, I know some of you only visit for the covers, so here - to keep you going - is a selection of old school horror anthologies.

6 April 2002
Here's a tidy handful of novels of wildly varying quality. I've listed them in alphabetical order, though coincidentally the first and last are best and worst respectively: Backlash, The Captives, Doomed Sinner, The 'F' Certificate, Lust Gallops Into The Desert, The Other Side of Desire and Trick or Treat?

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