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Linda Lee
The Life & Tragic Death of Bruce Lee
price: 25.00

* Signed copy! *
Star paperback, 1st edition from 1975, 192 pages + 8 pages of b/w illustrations. Slightly damaged: small tear on cover, photo pages loose. Biography of Bruce Lee. Inscribed by the author: To Christopher, Many thanks for your relaxing and interesting interview, Best wishes, Linda, Mrs Bruce Lee. Note: this is not dedicated to me, and I don't know the provenance, but I'm in no doubt that it's genuine (bloody odd thing to have forged, apart from anything else).

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ed. Richard J Anobile
The Best of Laurel & Hardy
price: 25.00

Large format paperback (278 x 215mm), first UK edition Michael Joseph 1975. Worn and faded spine, but structurally sound and in perfect condition inside. The book comprises approx. 250 pages of more than 1000 stills from Laurel & Hardy movies. No analysis - the only text is words from the scenes depicted. Absolutely essential for all Stan & Ollie enthusiasts. Scenes come from 'Going Bye Bye', 'Swiss Miss', 'The Music Box', 'Busy Bodies' and 'Towed in the Hole'.

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promotional pamphlet
The Elephant Man
price: 17.50

Promotional pamphlet for David Lynch's movie of The Elephant Man - 16 pages of stiff card, on a very large format (350 x 280mm) - too big for my scanner, so the illustration is a detail of the cover. The content includes a synopsis, short interview features with cast and crew, career summaries of cast and crew, and lots of photos and stills. Essentially it's the paper equivalent of the bonus DVD you get nowadays. In excellent condition.

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Elizabeth McNeill
Nine and a Half Weeks
price: 3.00

Movie tie-in paperback edition; reading creases, slight water stain on first few pages; condition is okay. If you only saw the film, do yourself a favour and read the book - it's much better (even if that is damning with faint praise).

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