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David Weldon
The Playbirds
price: 17.50

1978 paperback - first edition. Published by Playbirds magazine. Novelization of classic British softcore porn movie The Playbirds. 162 pages including nine pages of b/w images from the film - pictures include Mary Millington and Cozy Fanny Tutti [sic]. Very good condition.

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Hank Green
Framed by Lust
price: 12.00

Paperback, first edition, 1967, 192 pages. Published by Cougar. Very good condition. Typical 1960s 'adults only' novel masquerading as a crime story. The murder victim is quoted on the back cover: 'I'm your mistress ... and the town tramp ... at the same time. When I'm not in bed with you I'm with some other guy.'

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The Sadistic Twilight Killer
price: 25.00

Undated, no publisher given, no author identified. In English, but published in France - my guess is c.1960 but see the review for further exploration of the subject. A couple of minor marks on the cover, but essentially in excellent condition - these books were built to last. Vanishingly rare.

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James Weir
Free Wheeler
price: 4.00

New English Library paperback, 1975, first edition. Slight wearing; very good condition. Typical of its period - very English, very '70s.

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Elizabeth McNeill
Nine and a Half Weeks
price: 3.00

Movie tie-in paperback edition; reading creases, slight water stain on first few pages; condition is okay. If you only saw the film, do yourself a favour and read the book - it's much better (even if that is damning with faint praise).

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