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Aleister Crowley
The Complete Astrological Writings
price: 12.50

Tandem paperback 1976, softened an creased from use, but essentially in good condition. Contains the Treatise on Astology and a couple of minor pieces.

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PR Stephensen & Israel Regardie
The Legend of Aleister Crowley
price: 12.50

Llewelyn paperback, 1970. Expanded version of the 1930 defence of Crowley. Excellent condition, save for slight yellowing of cover.

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Israel Regardie
The Tree of Life: A Study in Magic
price: 12.50

Paperback published by Samuel Weiser, New York, 1971, first such edition (originally published 1932). A bit battered from use, with a crease on bottom left corner of back cover, but it's a beautifully produced book and is still in very good nick. Something of a classic of occult literature by the former secretary to Aleister Crowley.

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Paul Waldo-Schwartz
Art and the Occult
price: 18.00

Large format (247 x 183mm) paperback, 1st edition from Mandala Books, 1977; 168 pages. Very good condition. Profusely illustrated essay on the relationship between the occult tradition and art, from mediaeval and tribal through Rembrandt and Turner to surrealism and abstract. All illustrations b/w.

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