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Eugene Bird
The Loneliest Man in the World
price: 15.00

First paperback edition, with b/w photos section. Bookseller's stamp inside back cover, otherwise very good. Classic account of Hess from Commandant of Spandau, giving Hess's own side of the story.

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Hugh Thomas
The Murder of Rudolf Hess
price: 15.00

First paperback edition, with b/w photos section. Excellent condition. This is the conspiracy theory, and quite plausible - I don't quite buy it, but it raises uncofortable questions.

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Paul Waldo-Schwartz
Art and the Occult
price: 18.00

Large format (247 x 183mm) paperback, 1st edition from Mandala Books, 1977; 168 pages. Very good condition. Profusely illustrated essay on the relationship between the occult tradition and art, from mediaeval and tribal through Rembrandt and Turner to surrealism and abstract. All illustrations b/w.

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Norman Harris
The Charlton Brothers
price: 10.00

Published in 1971 by Stanley Paul, first edition hardback (224 x 142mm), 118 pages plus 16 pages of b/w photos. Ex-library copy, in good condition except for remnants of library ticket on half-title page. Nice early biography of both brothers, written at a time when they were still speaking. Classic '70s typeface on the title as well.

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Robert Goldstein & Gary Wohl
The Greats of Soccer
price: 5.00

Tempo paperback, 1978, excellent condition. A study of four of the greats of football: Beckenbauer, Banks, Best, Rote. Rote? Oh yes. Kyle Rote, homegrown star of the North American Soccer League. There's the clue: this is an American attempt to produce a populist paperback for a market that didn't understand the sport. As such, something of a collector's piece. Or a conversation piece, at least.

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Carter Harman
A Popular History of Music: From Gregorian Chant to Jazz
price: 4.00

Dell paperback, 6th edition from 1966. Slight crease to cover, but very good condition. The entirety of Western music is covered in 352 pages of small format paperback - so it's not exactly detailed, but a nice cover, I think. 'A book to enrich your enjoyment of music' - apparently.

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