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Ray Galton & Alan Simpson
Hancock's Half Hour
price: 8.00

First paperback edition, 1975 - larger format (203 x 146mm). Small ballpoint pen mark on cover; cover a little discoloured with edges slightly battered - otherwise, very good. 142 pages, illustrated throughout with scores of stills from the TV shows. Five complete scripts (Missing Page, Reunion Party, Bedsitter, Bowmans, Blood Donor) plus interview with Galton & Simpson. Still the best scripts for any British TV sitcom.

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Trevor Hoyle
Blake's 7 - three novels
price: 15.00 (for the set of three)

Blake's 7 (1977), Project Avalon (1979) and Scorpio Attack (1981) - three paperback novels from the TV series Blake's 7, all first editions. Cover of first volume has tear on front cover, but is intact: apart from that, the condition of them is very good, with just the usual signs of wear. Could be sold separately, if you really want.

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Murray Leinster & James Bradwell
Land of the Giants - two novels
price: 10.00 (for the pair)

The Trap (1969) and The Mean City (1969) - two paperback novels from the TV series Land of the Giants, all first edition paperbacks. Small creases and wear on both, small tear on bottom of spine of The Trap, bookseller's stamp inside The Mean City.

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Henry Clement
Prisoner Cell Block H: The Franky Doyle Story
price: 10

1981 paperback, published by Star, first edition. Excellent condition except for reading crease to spine.

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Peter Tilbury & Colin Bostock-Smith
price: 4.00

First edition, paperback, 1980. Back cover and spine have minor creases, but essentially in good condition. Quite a nice little book.

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John Rankine
Space 1999: Moon Odyssey
price: 5.00

Orbit paperback, 1st edition from 1975. Small creases and wear to cover, but decent condition. Second in the series of novels from the TV series.

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Ian Evans
Star Maidens
price: 7.00

First edition paperback from 1977, in excellent condition. The first (and only) book from the TV series.

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Peter Leslie
The Man From UNCLE 14: The Splintered Sunglasses Affair
price: 4.00

Paperback from 1968, first edition. Battered cover, bookseller's stamp inside, otherwise fine.

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Keith Miles
Boys from the Blackstuff
price: 3.50

Granada paperback, , first edition, 1983. Slight wear to edges of cover, but good condition. Novelization of the Alan Bleasdale TV series.

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Felicity Douglas
Within These Walls 2: The Governor
price: 4.00

Futura paperback, first edition, 1975. Slight wear from use and fading to spine; otherwise good. Essential reading for Googie Withers fans.

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Max Austin
price: 4.00

Paperback original, second reprint, 1978. Spine corner a little battered, but structurally sound.

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