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October-December 2002

22 December 2002
In a resolute refusal to pander to Yulephiliacs, this week's new books have no festive associations whatsoever. Two British novels (Goebbels & Gladys and Hostile Witness) are joined by two from the States (Up Your Banners and The Inner Circle) and a volume of poetry from Rod McKuen.
Christmas? Bah, humbug. (Well, alright, you can have some Morecambe & Wise then.)

14 December 2002
We've got a mixed bag as ever, then. Up Pompeii! requires little introduction, but you may not remember the 1970s SF series Star Maidens quite as well. Elsewhere, I tried another Christopher Hodder-Williams book, in the shape of The Cummings Report, but I think I'll leave it at that. And there are a couple of additions to existing pages, most notably a making-of-the-movie type thing for Absolute Beginners.

7 December 2002
Two new books to review: All Sauce For The Gander, a deservedly obscure novel involving a pop star (for completists only), and the utterly magnificent Nazi Lady by the great Gillian Freeman.
And then there are some new cover scans. I found a nice Tommy Steele biography this week, which prompted me to add three vintage rock & roll biographies. And, in recognition of the fact that at the moment I'm losing the struggle to keep control of the pile of books by my desk, I've scanned some covers of books that I have yet to read: fortunately they all have early-'70s covers featuring young ladies in varying states of undress, so no doubt some people will enjoy them.

3 December 2002
As if in apology for the outbreak of excellent taste at the weekend, here are some proper trash novels: a brace of British novels about rabies. Also an early-60s social comedy, Two Gentlemen Sharing, a terrible teen-pop novel, Heaven Can't Wait, and a couple of additions to existing non-fiction pages: The Happy Hooker and The Black Panther Story.

30 November 2002
Four novels join our Miscellaneous page today, including two of the very best books you'll find on this site or anywhere else: the spectacularly unrestrained Satan, and the harrowing Welsh tragedy The Disaster. In case you don't come here for quality, however, there's also an early computers-are-evil story in Little Brother, and there's The Hero, a rare novel from ubiquitous horror editor, Peter Haining novel.
Also there's a new GF Newman cover scan You Flash Bastard - it's only a scan, which I don't normally mention here, but it's such a lovely cover if you like the lack of subtlety in 1970s British style.

25 November 2002
Following correspondence with Bill Meilen, I've had a chance to update the page on his novel The Division with some more definite information about his work.

22 November 2002
Do you remember The XYY Man on TV? Well, here's a couple of novels from the series that inspired it. And here's the novel that inspired Polanski's movie The Tenant. Seemed a bit thin on the ground, so I've also added a small gallery of vintage crime covers, which may or may not be to your taste.

16 November 2002
A brace of one-offs from 1970 - Somewhere Like This and The Heart Merchants - are joined by a couple of TV spin-offs: A Fine Romance and The Chinese Detective.

12 November 2002
Stepping up the speed a bit here, here's a couple of pages rounding up four books each: there are volumes of rock & roll poetry by the likes of Jim Morrison, Nick Cave and the like, and there are a collection of 1970s novels about sex horror demon lovers, namely The Incubus, The Succubus, The Entity and The Woman Who Slept Wih Demons. The other new addition is one that I think will strike a chord amongst those of a certain age: Joyce McKinney & the Manacled Mormon. If you don't remember this case, have a look anyway - it was a bizarre, but entertaining, little incident.

8 November 2002
New additions: a brace of disaster novels by Arthur Herzog, a World War II tale in Kommando 55, a British porn classic in Playbirds and a brace of memoirs from the twilight world of the 1950s by a prostitute and a tattooist.

2 November 2002
It's another random collection then: vintage trash in the shape of Lover Comelately and Be My Victim, and movie tie-ins with Move! and Bram Stoker's Dracula. Then there's another Sherlock cash in, The Mysterious Friend of Oscar Wilde, and an early novel by Z-Cars' creator Allan Prior about British TV in the '50s: The One-Eyed Monster.

27 October 2002
Well, there's some new books, but they're not really worth writing home about, I'm afraid: Dressed To Kill and F.I.S.T. come from the movies, while Hold the Back Page and Space 1999 are from the TV. I'll scour my shelves for something of a higher quality next round.
Things have been a bit slow round these parts cos I was preparing my other site for uploading. This is now complete, so if you like British pop music from the pre-punk 70s, you may care to glance at:

a 70s popumentary

21 October 2002
Here's a couple of additions to existing pages: The Two Ronnies and You Grunt, I'll Groan, the autobiography of Jackie 'Mr TV' Pallo. But I've got a bit of a problem: there are these books that need to be uploaded and I'm getting all behind - it's having to do some work, you see: it does eat into one's day. In an attempt to catch up, I've grouped a few together: there are some TV cops from the 70s - It Takes A Thief, McCloud and Starsky & Hutch - and some horror stories about animals - Crabs on the Rampage, Slugs and The City. I might have to do more of this, if I'm ever going to clear up my piles.

14 October 2002
Two things, then. Firstly, a couple of new volumes: there are some more Men from UNCLE, there is the once ubiquitous When The Kissing Had To Stop, and we welcome on board the always welcome Charters & Caldicott.
That's the new additions, but (at long bloody last) I'm also pleased to say that I can now make some of this stuff available for sale. I've really go to clear some of these shelves - it's getting ricidiculous.

4 October 2002
Well, what have we got here then? A curate's egg? I rather fear so. There's an addition to Land of the Giants and a brace of additions to Blake's 7, and a trio of entirely new volumes: The Tunnel, Quatermass and The Sadistic Twilight Killer. Plus there's some scans-without-reviews: a new row of covers in the SF gallery and one of them saucy yellow books: The Order of the Rod. I told you it was both curatorial and eggy.

1 October 2002
I don't actually have anything to add to the site, but I didn't want today to pass by without notice. Cos it's the 1st anniversary of this site being online. Happy birthday to it. And many thanks to all of you who have spent some time here, and those who have written. Some of the correspondence has been a bit odd (the people who wanted me to put them in touch with Muhammad Ali - I'm flattered but he's not a personal mate), all has been welcome.
Just for the record: 46,280 visits have been made over the last year. The weekly average for visits has risen each quarter that we've been online, thusly:

   2001 4th quarter:   244
   2002 1st quarter:   597
   2002 2nd quarter:   1102
   2002 3rd quarter:   1606

And that's enough stats (ed.).
I was hoping to celebrate the anniversary by making some of my duplicate books available for sale, but the Royal Mail is so crap that it hasn't sorted out my post office box address yet. It'll probably take another fortnight, but if you're interested in buying any of the stuff here (as many of you seem to be) the good news is that some volumes will become available in due course.

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