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New American Library
James Robert Baker Fuel-Injected Dreams
Henry N Beard & Douglas C Kenney Bored of the Rings

New English Library
Richard Allen Suedehead
Richard Allen Teeny Bopper Idol
Brian Ashley & Steve Monnery Whose Who? A Who Retrospective
Etienne Aubin The Terror of the Seven Crypts
Michael Avallone The Man From UNCLE
anonymous Batman vs The Penguin
The Beatles Yellow Submarine
Linda Du Breuil The Trial
Edgar Rice Burroughs Fighting Man of Mars
Leo Callan Piranha
Petra Christian In The Club
Morton Cooper The Comedian
Morton Cooper The Star-Cross System
Babs Deal High Lonesome World
Martin Ebon Svetlana: The Incredible Story of Stalin's Daughter
Eric Ericson The Woman Who Slept With Demons
Michael Fisher The Captives
Thomas K Fitzpatrick The Blood Circus
Gillian Freeman The Leader
Gillian Freeman The Leather Boys
Samuel Fuller 144 Piccadilly
John Gardner The Censor
Leon Griffiths Minder
Peter Haining The Frankenstein File
Peter Haining The Hero
Kitty Hanson Disco Fever
Angie Heath Diary of a Masseuse
David Helton King Jude
Frank Herbert The Heaven Makers
Trevor Hoyle The Hard Game
Jan Hudson The Sex and Savagery of Hell's Angels
Michael Hughes Kommando 55
HR Kaye A Place in Hell
Christine Keeler Nothing But...
Pamela Kettle The Day of the Women
Francis King Ritual Magic
Doug Lane Freaks
Peter Leslie The Fakers
John McNeil Little Brother
Jack Martin Videodrome
Raymond T McNally A Clutch of Vampires
GF Newman The Abduction
Mick Norman Guardian Angels
Joan Paisnel The Beast of Jersey
Bob Randall The Calling
Ian Rosse The Droop
Thom Ryder Avenging Angel/Angel Alone
Jory Sherman The Bamboo Demons
Sandra Shulman The Daughters of Satan
Guy N Smith Crabs on the Rampage
Guy N Smith Return of the Werewolf
Phil Smith The Incredible Melting Man
Alex R Stuart The Bikers/The Devil's Rider
John Summers The Disaster
John Summers Dylan
John Summers The Rag Parade
William F Temple The Fleshpots of Sansato
Peter Tilbury & Colin Bostock-Smith Shelley
Steven Valentine The Black Panther Story
Gus Weill The Führer Seed
James Weir Free Wheeler
Neal Wilgus The Illuminoids

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Paul Ableman Porridge: The Inside Story
Joan Alexander Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
Robert Alley Last Tango in Paris
James Barlow Villain
David Benedictus The Fourth of June
John Bingham The Third Skin
Russell Braddon The year of the Angry Rabbit
George Burchett Memoirs of a Tattooist
John Burke Dr Terror's House of Horrors
John Burke Privilege
John Burke Till Death Us Do Part
David Case And Now The Screaming Starts...
James Dickie The Undead
Joe Eszterhas F.I.S.T.
Frank De Felitta The Entity
David Fletcher Raffles
Sandy Gall Gold Scoop
John Gardner The Revenge of Moriarty
Eugene George The Private Twilight of Jacko Tate
Brian Glanville The Artist Type
Julian Gloag Our Mother's House
Robert Harling The Hollow Sunday
Jacob Hay The Bomb in the Attic
Arthur Herzog The Swarm/IQ 83
Gordon Honeycombe Neither The Sea Nor The Sand
Ralph Hoover Jabberwocky
Peter Kinsley & Frank Smyth I'm Jack
Arthur La Bern Nightmare
Ted Lewis Carter
Ted Lewis Plender
Barry N Malzberg Phase IV
Hans-Otto Meissner The Man With Three Faces
Paula Milne & Leslie Duxbury Angels
Pamela Moore The Horsy Set
Frederic Mullally Split Scene
Jeremy Pascall God: The Ultimate Autobiography
Allan Prior The One-Eyed Monster
Allan Prior The Operators
Adrian Reid Confessions of a Hitch-Hiker
Fred Saberhagen Bram Stoker's Dracula
Frederick E Smith The Persuaders
Shelley Smith The Ballad of the Running Man
Robert Louis Stevenson The Wrong Box
Ronald Scott Thorn Upstairs and Downstairs
Walter Trevis The Man Who Fell to Earth
Herbert van Thal The Pan Books of Horror Stories
Dee Wells Jane
James Yardley Kiss the Boys & Make Them Die

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Pat Arrowsmith Somewhere Like This
David Benedictus This Animal Is Mischievous
John Blackburn Children of the Night
Constantine Fitzgibbon When The Kissing Had To Stop
Margaret Forster Georgy Girl
John Garforth The Avengers: Heil Harris!
Renato Ghiotto The Slave
Julian Gloag Maundy
Ian Hamilton The Persecutor
Frank Harris Oscar Wilde: His Life and Confessions
Walter Harris The Fifth Horseman
James Haskins The Story of Stevie Wonder
James Leo Herlihy Midnight Cowboy
Douglas Hill Way of the Werewolf
Jeremy Leven Satan: His Psychotherapy and Cure by the Unfortunate Dr Kassler, JSPS
Frank Belknap Long The Hounds of Tindalos
John Pidgeon Rod Stewart and the Changing Faces
John Pidgeon Eric Clapton
John Pidgeon Slade in Flame
Larry Pryce The Bee Gees
Stanley Reynolds 30 Is A Dangerous Age, Cynthia
Kenneth Robinson Look At Parliament
William Sloane To Walk the Night/The Edge of Running Water
Clark Ashton Smith Tales of Science and Sorcery
Colin Spencer An Absurd Affair
Colin Spencer Poppy Mandragora and the New Sex
Herbert van Thal (ed.) Famous Tales of the Fantastic
William Wilson The LBJ Brigade
Sol Yurick The Bag
various artists Tales of the Supernatural

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Paperback Library
Paula Christian The Other Side of Desire
Barnabas & Quentin Collins The Dark Shadows Book of Vampires and Werewolves
Lawrence Louis Goldman The Heart Merchants
Edward S Hanlon The Great God Now
John Jakes Black In Time

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Matthew Branton The Love Parade
Mark Childress Tender
Arthur C Clarke Of Time and Stars
Alan Coren Arthur and the Great Detective
Loren D Estleman Dr Jekyll and Mr Holmes
John Fortune & John Wells A Melon For Ecstasy
Gillian Freeman Jack Would Be A Gentleman
George Jackson Blood In My Eye
Panela Hansford Johnson An Error of Judgement
Mike Hrano Bros Factfile
DH Lawrence Lady Chatterley's Lover
Colin MacInnes Absolute Beginners
Laurens van der Post The Seed and the Sower

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Tim Brooke-Taylor et al. I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue
John Langdon et al. The News Quiz Book

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Lisa Fanchon Key Club
Anne Herbert A New Kind of Love
Orrie Hitt Summer of Sin
Dee Winters Seduction

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Susan Barrett Noah's Ark
David Benedictus Lloyd George
Eugene Bird The Loneliest Man in the World
Robert Black Legend of the Werewolf
Ian Brown & James Hendrie Week Ending
Jon Burmeister The Weatherman Guy
Maurice Capitanchik Friends and Lovers
Caroline Coon & Rufus Harris The Release Report
James Darke The Witches
Leonore Fleischer Fame
Leonore Fleischer Staying Alive
Brian J Frost Book of the Werewolf
Raymond Hitchcock Percy's Progress
Raymond Hitchcock There's A Girl In My Soup
Trevor Hoyle Blake's 7
Rosemary Kingsland Hussy
Christopher Leach Blood Games
Joel Lieber Move!
Graham Lord The Spider and the Fly
Marya Mannes They
Bill Meilen Moving On
The Professor Angela: Portrait of a Revolutionary
GF Newman Law and Order
William Rand Up Pompeii!
George Romero & Susanna Sparrow Dawn of the Dead
David M Rorvik In His Image
William Rotsler Grease 2
Ray Russell Incubus
Ray Russell Unholy Trinity
Sarban The Sound of His Horn
Peter Saxon Corruption
Bill Stoddart The Music Machine
Tereska Torres Women's Barracks
Tony Warren Rising Damp
Rex Warner The Aerodrome
Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult
Arthur Wise Who Killed Enoch Powell?
Natalia Zabaneh Backlash
Roger Zelazny Damnation Alley

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Henry Clement Prisoner: Cell Block H
Ian Davidson & Peter Vincent The Two Ronnies
Paul H Dunn The Osmonds
Alexander Edwards A Star is Born
Anthony Fowles Pastime
Jo Gannon Plasmid
Paul J Gillette Play Misty For Me
Peter Haining The Savage
HR Haldeman The Ends of Power
William McCranor Henderson Stark Raving Elvis
Susan Hill Breaking Glass
Paul Honeyford The Jam: The Modern World by Numbers
Shaun Hutson Slugs
Rod McKuen Seasons in the Sun
Morecambe & Wise Eric & Ernie
Michael Nicholson The Yorkshire Ripper
Fiona Richmond From here To Virginity
Anton Rimart Inserts
Bjarne Rostaing Phantom of the Paradise
Fred Schruers Blondie
Michael Slade Ghoul
Sylvester Stallone Paradise Alley
Roland Topor The Tenant
Chris Welch Adam and the Ants
Mike & Bernie Winters Shake a Pagoda Tree
Sol Yurick The Warriors

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Alan Bestic Turn Me On Man
Lin Carter Thongor Against the Gods
Arkon Duraul Secret Societies
Charles Hamblett & Jane Deverson Generation X
Xaviera Hollander Xaviera!
William Johnston Happy Days
Robert Klane The Horse is Dead & Where's Poppa?
Ronald Scott Thorn The Full Treatment

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Ellis Allen The Bay City Rollers
Joe Jares Whatever Happened to Gorgeous George?
William Johnston Get Smart!
Susan Katz Superwomen of Rock
Jack Laflin The Bees
Delos W Lovelace King Kong

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George Berger Dance Before the Storm: The Official Story of the Levellers
Rebecca Grand Labyrinth
Tony Parsons Platinum Logic

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