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Jack Osborne Easton Defence of the Realm

Martin Ebon Svetlana: The Incredible Story of Stalin's Daughter

Maurice Edelman The Prime Minister's Daughter

JT Edson & Peter Clawson Blonde Genius

Alexander Edwards A Star Is Born

Royston Ellis Myself For Fame

Hal Ellson Tomboy

Roland Emmerich Independence Day

Hugh Enfield Kronos

Arthur English Through the Mill and Beyond

Eric Ericson The Woman Who Slept With Demons

Roslaind Erskine Passion Flowers In Business

Loren D Estleman Dr Jekyll and Mr Holmes

Loren D Estleman Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula

Joe Eszterhas F.I.S.T.

Dennis Etchison Videodrome

Ian Evans Star Maidens

Ray Evans Albion Market: Thorns and Roses

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