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Michael Wale The Bay City Rollers

Denver Walker Quite Right, Mr Trotsky

John Walker Bluff Your Way in Social Climbing

Jeremy Wallington Scandal '63

Rex Warner The Aerodrome

Tony Warren Rising Damp

Washington Post The Fall of a President

Keith Waterhouse Charters & Caldicott

Auberon Waugh A Bed of Flowers

Gus Weill The Führer Seed

James Weir Free Wheeler

David Weldon The Playbirds

Michael Weller Hair

Chris Welch Adam and the Ants

Dee Wells Jane

John Wells & John Fortune A Melon For Ecstasy

Louise Wener Goodnight Steve McQueen

Alan F Westin (ed.) Freedom Now!

Donald E Westlake Up Your Banners

Robert Weverka The Waltons: The Easter Story

Dennis Wheatley The Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult

Ernest White Why We March

Leon Whiteson Scanners

Harry Whittington The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Neal Wilgus The Illuminoids

Charlie Williams Ee - I've Had Some Laughs

Gordon Williams Big Morning Blues

Richard Williams Out of his Head: The Sound of Phil Spector

Ennis Willie Erotic Search

David Wilson McCloud

Mary Wilson Selected Poems

William Wilson The LBJ Brigade

David Winter New Singer, New Song: The Cliff Richard Story

Dee Winters Seduction

Mike Winters Miami, One Way/Razor Sharp

Mike & Bernie Winters Shake a Pagoda Tree

Arthur Wise Who Killed Enoch Powell?

Guy Wolfe Whips Incorporated

Donald A Wollheim ed. More Terror in the Modern Vein

Christopher Wood Confessions of a Pop Performer

Arthur Woodstone Nixon's Head

Bronte Woodard Grease

Bronte Woodward & Allan Carr Can't Stop the Music

Christopher S Wren Johnny Cash: Winners Got Scars Too

Richard Wurmbrand Tortured For Christ

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