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Paul V Dallas Binding With Briars

Mary Danby ed. The Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories

Peter Dane The Garden of Heaven

Arkon Daraul Secret Societies

James Darke The Witches

Ian Davidson & Peter Vincent The Two Ronnies

John Davidson Motel Mistress

Angela Davis An Autobiography

Frank Davis Night of the Quarter Moon

Patti Davis Bondage

Les Dawson The Blade and the Passions

Les Dawson A Card For The Clubs

Les Dawson The Malady Lingers On

Mark Dawson The Art of Falling Apart

Babs Deal High Lonesome World

John Dean Blind Ambition

Ron De Christoforo Grease

Frank De Felitta The Entity

Brian De Palma & Campbell Black Dressed To Kill

Paul Dehn Escape from the Planet of the Apes

Anthony Delano Joyce McKinney and the Manacled Mormon

Jean-Paul Denard Jacqueline, Daughter of the Marquis de Sade

Bradley Denton Wrack and Roll

Brian De Palma Phantom of the Paradise

William Deverell Platinum Blues

Paul Denver Cannon: The Golden Bullet

John de St Jorre & Brian Shakespeare The Patriot Game

Alan Deverson Classy Lust Wanton

Jane Deverson Generation X

Dean Devlin Independence Day

Michael Dibdin The Last Sherlock Holmes Story

James Dickey Deliverance

James Dickie ed. The Undead: Vampire Masterpieces

Robert Dietrich Be My Victim

Vernor Dixon Guerrilla

Alan Doig Westminster Babylon

Lord Alfred Douglas Oscar Wilde: A Summing Up

Felicity Douglas Within These Walls 2: The Governor

Adrian Conan Doyle The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes

Linda Du Breuil The Trial

Peter Dunant Exterminating Angels

Gelie Duncan Living Witchcraft

Nell Dunn Up The Junction

Paul H Dunn The Osmonds

Lee Dunne Maggie's Ark

Larry Duplechan Eight Days A Week

Leslie Duxbury & Paula Milne Angels

Susan Dworkin Desperately Seeking Susan

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