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Maurice Labande Houses of Shame

Arthur La Bern Nightmare

Jack Laflin The Bees

Ian La Frenais & Dick Clement Porridge

Doug Lang Freaks

John Langdon, Danny Greenstone & Alan Nixon The News Quiz Book

Bob Larbey A Fine Romance

Arthur Laurents West Side Story

Timothy Lea Confessions of a Pop Performer

Christopher Leach Blood Games

Anthony Lebaron The Invaders: The Meteor Men

Howard Lee Kung Fu

Fritz Leiber The Silver Eggheads

Michael Leigh Bizarre Sex Underground

Murray Leinster Land of the Giants: The Trap

David Stuart Leslie Two Gentlemen Sharing

Peter Leslie The Fakers

Peter Leslie The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Peter Leslie & Patrick Gwynn-Jones The Book of Bilk

Lew Lessing Lover Comelately

Jeremy Leven Satan: His Psychotherapy and Cure by the Unfortunate Dr Kassler, JSPS

Andrew K Lewis Klute

Arthur H Lewis Copper Beeches

Cecil Day Lewis Malice in Wonderland

David Lewis Klute

MG Lewis The Monk

Richard Lewis Rabid

Ted Lewis Carter

Ted Lewis Plender

Joel Lieber Move!

Hal Lindsey There's A New World Coming

Magnus Linklater Jeremy Thorpe: A Secret Life

David Lippincott The Voice of Armageddon

Jeremy Lloyd Are You Being Served?

Joseph Locke The Nightmares on Elm Street

Lee Lockwood Conversation with Eldridge Cleaver

Frank Belknap Long The Hounds of Tindalos

Bertrand Lord Teen Tease

Graham Lord The Spider and the Fly

Donald B Louria The Drug Scene

Delos W Lovelace King Kong

Thomas Luke The Hell Candidate

Lydia Lunch Adulterers Anonymous

John Lymington The Giant Stumbles

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