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John Hadfield ed. A Chamber of Horrors

William Haggard The Doubtful Disciple

William Haggard The Hardliners

Richard Haigh The City

Peter Haining & AV Sellwood Devil Worship in Britain

Peter Haining The Hero

Peter Haining The Savage

Peter Haining (ed.) various horror anthologies

HR Haldeman The Ends of Power

Angus Hall The Late Boy Wonder

Desmond Hall I Give You Oscar Wilde

Robert Lee Hall Exit Sherlock Holmes: The Great Detective's Final Days

Ron Hall Scandal '63

Charles Hamblett Generation X

Charles V Hamilton & Stokeley Carmichael Black Power

Ian Hamilton The Persecutor

Peter Hammill Killers, Angels, Refugees

Tara Hanks Wicked Baby

Edward S Hanlon The Great God Now

Kitty Hanson Disco Fever

Jeremy Hardy Jeremy Hardy Speaks To The Nation

Michael Hardwick The Chinese Detective

Michael Hardwick Prisoner of the Devil

David Hare Teeth 'n' Smiles

Terry Harknett The Hero

Terry Harknett The Savage

Robert Harling The Hollow Sunday

William Harrington Columbo: The Helter Skelter Murders

Frank Harris Oscar Wilde: His Life and Confessions

Rufus Harris & Caroline Coon The Release Report

W. Harris Saliva

Walter Harris The Fifth Horseman

Walter Harris The Mistress of Downing Street

James V Hart Bram Stoker's Dracula

Ted Hart Thriller

Harvard Lampoon Bored of the Rings

James Haskins The Story of Stevie Wonder

Richard Hauser The Homosexual Society

Jacob Hay The Bomb in the Attic

Angie Heath Diary of a Masseuse

Inge and Sten Hegeler Living Is Loving

William Hegner The Scandal Goddess

Lillian Hellman The Children's Hour

David Helton King Jude

J Henderson Quantum Leap: Double Or Nothing

William McCranor Henderson Stark Raving Elvis

James Hendrie & Ian Brown Week Ending: The Cabinet Leaks

Anne Herbert A New Kind of Love

Frank Herbert The Heaven Makers

James Leo Herlihy Midnight Cowboy

Arthur Herzog The Swarm/IQ 83

Stan Hey & Andrew Nickolds Hold the Back Page

EW Hildick Birdy Jones

Debra Hill Halloween

Douglas Hill ed. Way of the Werewolf

Susan Hill Breaking Glass

Burt Hirschfeld Bonnie and Clyde

Raymond Hitchcock Percy's Progress

Raymond Hitchcock There's A Girl In My Soup

Orrie Hitt Teaser

Jack Hobbs, John Cleese & Joe McGrath The Strange Case of the End of Civilisation As We Know It

Christopher Hodder-Williams Chain Reaction

Christopher Hodder-Williams The Cummings Report

Xaviera Hollander The Happy Hooker

Xaviera Hollander Madame l'Ambassadrice

J Hunter Holly The Flying Eyes

Tine Holm I, A Teenager

Dennis Holman Eric and Ernie

Alan Holmes The Rebel

Gordon Honeycombe Neither The Sea Nor The Sand

Paul Honeyford The Jam: The Modern World by Numbers

Ralph Hoover Jabberwocky

William Howard Caligula

Trevor Hoyle Blake's 7

Trevor Hoyle The Hard Game

Mike Hrano Bros Factfile

Jason Hytes Immoral

Jan Hudson The Sex and Savagery of Hell's Angels

Megan Hughes Yesterday's Music

Michael Hughes Kommando 55

William Hughes Performance

Joel Don Humphreys Over the Top

Shaun Hutson Slugs

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