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John Rackham Dark Planet

Edogawa Rampo Japanese Tales of Mystery and Imagination

Al Ramrus Goin' South

Jack Ramsay The Rage

Suzanne Rand Laurie's Song

William Rand Up Pompeii!

Bob Randall The Fan/The Calling

John Rankine Space 1999

Luan Ranzetta The World In Reverse

Trevor Ray & Jeremy Burnham Raven

Nigel Rees Talent

Adrian Reid Confessions of a Hitch-Hiker

Desmond Reid Dead Respectable

W. Reinhard Nell in Bridewell

Ruth Rendell Some Lie and Some Die

David Rensin Confessions of a Late Night Talk Show Host: The Autobiography of Larry Sanders

George Revelli Commander Amanda Nightingale

George Revelli Resort To War

Stanley Reynolds 30 Is A Dangerous Age, Cynthia

Cliff Richard The Way I See It Now

Curtis Richards Halloween

Fiona Richmond From Here To Virginity

Fiona Richmond Tell Tale Tits

Carl Riechter Hot Pants

Randall Riese Nashville Babylon

Anton Rimart Inserts

SC Roberts Holmes and Watson: A Miscellany

Kenneth Robinson Look at Parliament

Jack Roffey Hostile Witness

The Rolling Stones Our Own Story by the Rolling Stones

David Rome The Cannibals

George Romero Dawn of the Dead

Emperor Rosko DJ Book

Ian Rosse The Droop

Bjarne Rostaing Phantom of the Paradise

Holly Roth The Sleeper

Talbot Rothwell Up Pompeii!

William Rotsler Grease 2

Julian Roup A Day With An MP

Jeff Rovin TV Babylon

Sandy Royal Spanking Good

Kenneth Royce The XYY Man

Jon Ruddy The Bargain

Joanna Russ We Who Are About To ...

Ray Russell The Incubus

Ray Russell Unholy Trinity

Thom Ryder Avenging Angel/Angel Alone

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