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Doctor 'C' The Sensuous Couple

Robin Cade The Fear Dealers

Martin Caidin Cyborg

Donald Cammell Performance

Leo Callan Piranha

Maurice Capitanchik Friends and Lovers

Ann Cardwell Crazy To Kill

Richard Carlile Drummer

Stokeley Carmichael & Charles V Hamilton Black Power

John Carpenter Eyes of Laura Mars

John Carpenter Halloween

Richard Carpenter Catweazle

Richard Carpenter Dick Turpin

Allan Carr & Bronte Woodward Can't Stop the Music

John Dickson Carr The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes

Lin Carter Thongor Against the Gods

Barbara Cartland Lines On Life and Love

David Case And Now The Screaming Starts...

Jeremy Case Here's Hanson

Dave Cash All Night Long

Nick Cave King Ink

Exene Cervenka Adulterers Anonymous

CK Chandler God Told Me To

Louis Charbonneau The Corrupt and the Innocent

Robert Chartham Sex Manners For Men

Lewis Chester Jeremy Thorpe: A Secret Life

Tony Childress Tender

Paula Christian The Other Side of Desire

Petra Christian In The Club

Michael Cimino Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

Arthur C Clarke Of Time and Stars

Comer Clarke The War Within

Jeremy Clarke Necrotrivia vs Skull

Peter Clawson & JT Edson Blonde Genius

Eldridge Cleaver Soul On Ice

John Cleese, Jack Hobbs & Joe McGrath The Strange Case of the End of Civilisation As We Know It

John Cleland Fanny Hill

Brian Clemens Thriller

Dick Clement & Ian La Frenais Porridge

Henry Clement Prisoner: Cell Block H - The Franky Doyle Story

Roy Clewes The Rise of Cromwell Jones

Morton Cobb Big Bangout at the Sin Shore

CS Cody The Witching Night

Franklin Coen Night of the Quarter Moon

Larry Cohen God Told Me To

Gerald Cole Sid and Nancy

Sid Collin Up Pompeii!

Barnabas and Quentin Collins ed. The Dark Shadows Book of Vampires and Werewolves

Keith Colquhoun Goebbels & Gladys

Keith Colquhoun Killing Stalin

Charles W Colson Born Again

Chris Columbus Young Sherlock Holmes

Charles Paul Conn The New Johnny Cash

Ray Connolly That'll Be The Day/Stardust

Ray Connolly Trick or Treat?

Bob Cook Questions of Identity

Caroline Coon & Rufus Harris The Release Report

Edmund Cooper Five To Twelve

Edmund Cooper Kronk

Edmund Cooper Who Needs Men

Jeffrey Cooper The Nightmares on Elm Street

Morton Cooper The Comedian

Morton Cooper The Star-Cross System

Simon Cooper The Rag Dolls

EM Corder The Deer Hunter

Alan Coren Arthur and the Great Detective

Alan Coren The Further Bulletins of Idi Amin

Alan Coren The Peanut Papers

John William Corrington & Joyce Hooper Corrington Battle for the Planet of the Apes

Sheila Cousins To Beg I Am Ashamed

Guido Crepax Justine

David Cronenberg Videodrome

John Crosby Sappho In Absence

Gillian Cross Chartbreak

Richard Crossman The God That Failed

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