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Paul Ableman Hi-De-Hi!

Paul Ableman Porridge: The Inside Story

Larry Abraham None Dare Call It Conspiracy

Peter Ackroyd The Last Testament of Oscar Wilde

Jonathan Aitken & Michael Beloff A Short Walk On The Campus

Joan Alexander Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Ellis Allen The Bay City Rollers

Gary Allen None Dare Call It Conspiracy

Richard Allen Suedehead

Richard Allen Teeny Bopper Idol

Robert Alley Last Tango In Paris

Robert Alley Shampoo

Poul Andersen The High Crusade

Verily Anderson Beware of Children

David Andre Peephole Pervert

Val Andrews Sherlock Holmes & the Egyptian Hall Adventure

Kenneth Anger Hollywood Babylon/Hollywood Babylon II

David Anne Day of the Mad Dogs

anonymous Batman vs The Penguin

anonymous The Mini Skirt and Beyond: A Voyeur's Eye View

Margaret Anson The Order of the Rod

Piers Anthony Orn

Alan Arnold Young Sherlock Holmes

Pat Arrowsmith Somewhere Like This

Harry Arvay Blow The Four Winds

Brain Ashley Whose Who? A Who Retrospective

Etienne Aubin The Terror of the Seven Crypts

Max Austin Out

Michael Avallone The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Michael Avallone The Partridge Family

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