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Christiane F H

Lisa Fanchon Key Club

Philip José Farmer An Exorcism

Mick Farren The Feelies

Jonathan Fast The Inner Circle

Carolyn Faulder & Paul Brown Treat Yourself To Sex

Sandy Fawkes Nothing But...

Al Feldstein The Vault of Horror

Robert L Fish The Memoirs of Schlock Homes

John Fisher What A Performance: A Life of Sid Field

Michael Fisher The Captives

Steve Fisher Starsky & Hutch

Constantine Fitzgibbon When The Kissing Had To Stop

Thomas K Fitzpatrick The Blood Circus

Leonore Fleischer Annie

Leonore Fleischer Fame

Leonore Fleischer Heaven Can Wait

Leonore Fleischer The Rose

Leonore Fleischer Staying Alive

Alan Fletcher Quadrophenia

David Fletcher Raffles

Bryan Forbes International Velvet

Michael de Forrest The Lickerish Quartet

Margaret Forster Georgy Girl

John Fortune & John Wells A Melon For Ecstasy

Anthony Fowles Pastime

James M Fox Code Three

Valerie France Change of Love

Max Franklin The Dark

Max Franklin Starsky & Hutch

Michael Frayn The Tin Men

E Franklin Frazier Black Bourgeoisie

Gillian Freeman Jack Would Be A Gentleman

Gillian Freeman The Leader

Gillian Freeman The Leather Boys

Gillian Freeman The Liberty Man

Gillian Freeman The Marriage Machine

Gillian Freeman Nazi Lady

Simon Freeman Rinkagate: The Rise & Fall of Jeremy Thorpe

Ian La Frenais & Dick Clement Porridge

James A Frere The British Monarchy At Home

William Fritts House Of Another Kind

Brian J Frost ed. Book of the Werewolf

Samuel Fuller 144 Piccadilly

Jay Fulton Insatiable

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