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David McDaniel The Arsenal Out Of Time

Michael McDowell Blackwater

Duncan McGeary Snowcastles

Joe McGrath, John Cleese & Hack Hoobs The Strange Case of the End of Civilisation As We Know It

Colin MacInnes Absolute Beginners

JT McIntosh World Out Of Mind

Bernard McKenna & Colin Bostock-Smith The Odd Job

Robert McKew with Reed de Rouen Death List

Philip Mackie Raffles

Rod McKuen Seasons in the Sun

Raymond T McNally ed. A Clutch of Vampires

John McNeil Little Brother

Leo Madigan Jackarandy

Bryan Magee One In Twenty

Paul Magrs All The Rage

Derek Maitland The Alpha Experience

Michael Abdul Malik From Michael De Freitas to Michael X

JJ Maloney Inside Red Russia

Barry N Malzberg Phase IV

Margaret Mander Suzi Quatro

Wolf Mankowitz Expresso Bongo

Marya Mannes They

Roger Manvell The Dreamers

Ted Mark The Square Root of Sex/Room at the Topless

J Marks Mick Jagger

William Marks Barquero

Ed Martin Frankenstein '69

Ian Kennedy Martin The Chinese Detective

Ian Kennedy Martin King and Castle

Ian Kennedy Martin The Sweeney: Regan

Jack Martin Videodrome

Steve Martin Shopgirl

Trisha Martin A Fine Romance

Ernest de Martino Magic: Primitive and Modern

Graham Masterton The Hell Candidate

Graham Masterton Inserts

Jack Matcha The Brady Bunch: The New York Mystery

Barry N Matzberg Kung Fu

Trudy Maxwell Diary of a Female Wrestler

David May Jeremy Thorpe: A Secret Life

Robin May Robin of Sherwood

Nan Maynard All Sauce for the Gander

Barry Mazer Superstar

Bill Meilen The Division

Bill Meilen Moving On

Hans-Otto Meissner The Man With Three Faces

Peter Menegas The Service

Oscar Meredith The Lure of Lust

Grace Metalious Complete Works

Radley Metzger The Lickerish Quartet

Nicholas Meyer The Seven-Per-Cent Solution

Nicholas Meyer The West End Horror

Vita Miezitis Night Dancin'

Keith Miles The Boys from the Blackstuff

Arthur Millard Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

Hugh Miller Teen Eastenders: Heroes

Paula Milne & Leslie Duxbury Angels

Lee Minoff Yellow Submarine

Linton Mitchell & Arthur English Through the Mill and Beyond

Austin Mitchelson Sherlock Holmes and the Earthquake Machine

Roland Molstad Independence Day

Paul Monette Nosferatu, the Vampyre

Steve Monnery & Brian Ashley Whose Who? A Who Retrospective

Ella Moody Modern Furniture

George Moor The Pole and Whistle

Pamela Moore The Horsy Set

Eric Morecambe Mr Lonely

Eric Morecambe Over The Moon ... Sick As A Parrot

Eric Morecambe & Ernie Wise Eric and Ernie

Elaine Morgan Lloyd George

Johnny Morgan Nothing Barred

Jim Morrison The Lords/The New Creatures

Johnnie Mortimer & Brian Cooke George and Mildred

Frederic Mullally Split Scene

Arthur Mullard Oh, Yus, It's Arthur Mullard

Chris Mullin A Very British Coup

Keith Murgatroyd Modern Graphics

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