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Eric Idle Hello Sailor

Rose Impey Fireballs From Hell

Doreen Irvine From Witchcraft to Christ

Clive Irving Scandal '63


George Jackson Blood In My Eye

John Jakes Black In Time

John Jakes Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

Terry James Waggoners' Walk

Sebastien Japrisot The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun

Joe Jares Whatever Happened To Gorgeous George?

H Paul Jeffers The Adventure of the Stalwart Companions

Kenneth Rayner Johnson The Succubus

Pamela Hansford Johnson An Error of Judgement

William Johnston Get Smart!

William Johnston Happy Days

William Johnston Klute

Craig Jones Blood Secrets


Joan Kahn ed. Some Things Strange and Sinister

Nick Kamin The Herod Men

Frank Kane A Real Gone Guy

Frank Kane Two To Tangle

Henry Kane Never Give A Millionaire An Even Break

Susan Katz Superwomen of Rock

HR Kaye A Place In Hell

Barrie Keeffe No Excuses

Christine Keeler Nothing But...

Joseph Kell One Hand Clapping

Kimberly Kemp Forbidden

John Kennedy Tommy Steele

Ludovic Kennedy The Trial of Stephen Ward

John Kenneth The Big Question

Douglas C Kenney Bored of the Rings

Christopher Kenworthy Citizen Smith

Bill Kerby The Rose

John Kershaw Company & Co.

Pamela Kettle The Day of the Women

Wilson Bryan Key Subliminal Seduction

Greg Kihn Big Rock Beat

Greg Kihn Horror Show

Steve Kilbery Earthed

Francis King Ritual Magic in England

Jonathan King Bible Two

Martin Luther King, Jr Why We Can't Wait

Stephen King Rage

Rosemary Kingsland Hussy

Rosemary Kingsland Just A Gigolo

Peter Kinsley I'm Jack

Larry Kirwan Liverpool Fantasy

Robert Klane The Horse Is Dead/Where's Poppa?

Adam Knight I'll Kill You Next

Robert Knight Plasmid

Jerzy Kosinski Being There

Eklal Kueshana The Ultimate Frontier

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