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Terry Nation Blake's 7

Bernard Newman The Blue Ants

GF Newman The Abduction

Huey P Newton Revolutionary Suicide

Michael Nicholson The Yorkshire Ripper

Vivian Nicholson Spend, Spend, Spend

Andrew Nickolds & Stan Hey Hold the Back Page

Christopher Nicole The Face of Evil

Leonard Nimoy Will I Think Of You?

Jamyang Norbu The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes

Mick Norman Guardian Angels


Philip Oakes The Entertainers: Tony Hancock

Gilbert Oakley Sex Change & Dress Deviation

Gilbert Oakley Sex Power After Forty

Jack Oleck Tales From The Crypt

Jack Olsen Cassius Clay

Lloyd Osbourne & Robert Louis Stevenson The Wrong Box

Harry & Bonaro Overstreet What We Must Know About Communism


Vance Packard The Hidden Persuaders

Eric Paice Star Maidens

Joan Paisnel The Beast of Jersey

Michael Parry ed. Jack the Knife: Tales of Jack the Ripper

Michael Parry ed. The Mayflower Book of Black Magic Stories

Michael Parry ed. Reign of Terror: The Corgi Book of Great Victorian Horror Stories

Tony Parsons Platinum Logic

Jeremy Pascall God: The Ultimate Autobiography

Tam Paton The Bay City Rollers

John Pearson The Persuasion Industry

Gale Pedrick Steptoe and Son

Barrie Penrose Rinkagate: The Rise & Fall of Jeremy Thorpe

Ingeborg Pertwee Together

John Pidgeon Rod Stewart and the Changing Faces

John Pidgeon Slade in Flame

Rohase Piercy The Coward Does It With A Kiss

Rohase Piercy My Dearest Holmes

David Pinner There'll Always Be An England

Dana Pitman Never Too Young

Don M Plyler The New Slave Masters

Jerry Pournelle Escape from the Planet of the Apes

Richard S Prather The Trojan Hearse

William Prendergast Z-Car Detective

Roger Price The Tomorrow People

Allan Prior The One-Eyed Monster

Allan Prior The Operators

Annya Protopopov Milla

Larry Pryce The Bee Gees


Ellery Queen A Study in Terror

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