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Fred Saberhagen Bram Stoker's Dracula

Marquis de Sade Justine

Jeannie Sakol The Inept Seducer

William Sansom The Body

Sarban The Sound of his Horn

Bob Sarlin Turn It Up (I Can't Hear The Words)

Gerald Savory Count Dracula

Peter Saxon Corruption

Peter Saxon Black Honey

Peter Saxon Satan's Child

Richard Saxon The Hour of the Phoenix

Anthony Scaduto Bob Dylan

George Schenck Barquero

Stephen Schneck The Nightclerk

Fred Schruers Blondie

G.R. Scott Flagellation: The Story of Corporal Punishment

G.R. Scott Sex Power After Forty

Donald Seaman The Committee

AV Sellwood & Peter Haining Devil Worship in Britain

Tim Selmard Naked Tales

The Shadows By Themselves

Brian Shakespeare & John de St Jorre The Patriot Game

Garry Shandling Confessions of a Late Night Talk Show Host: The Autobiography of Larry Sanders

Madeleine Shaner Goin' South

Stanley Shaw Sherlock Holmes at the 1902 Fifth Test

Robert Sheckley Shards of Space

Jory Sherman The Bamboo Demons

Robert Sherman Picture Mommy Dead

Sandra Shulman The Daughters of Satan

George Shipway The Chilian Club

Stirling Silliphant Over the Top

Mayo Simon Phase IV

Peter Simple Way of the World

Alan Simpson & Ray Galton Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock

Alan Simpson & Ray Galton The Spy With a Cold Nose

Dennis Sinclair The Friends of Lucifer

Michael Slade Ghoul

John Slater Buchenwald Hell

William Sloan [1] To Walk The Night/The Edge of Running Water

William Sloan [2] Tear Gas and Hungry Dogs

Alec Smith Now I Call Him Brother

Clark Ashton Smith Tales of Science & Sorcery

Frederick E Smith The Persuaders

George H Smith The Four Day Weekend

Guy N Smith Crabs on the Rampage

Guy N Smith Return of the Werewolf

Jasper Smith The Specialist

Phil Smith The Incredible Melting Man

Shelley Smith The Ballad of the Running Man

Stephen Smith & Vivian Nicholson Spend, Spend, Spend

Frank Smyth I'm Jack

Carol Sobieski Annie

Robert Somma No One Waved Goodbye: A Casualty Report on Rock & Roll

SP Somtow Vampire Junction

Julia Sorel Rocky

Soul Brother #44 Why We March

Susanna Sparrow Dawn of the Dead

Johnny Speight It Stands To Reason

Colin Spencer An Absurd Affair

Colin Spencer Poppy Mandragora and the New Sex

Paul Spike Jabberwocky

Norman Spinrad Little Heroes

Norman Spinrad (ed.) The New Tomorrows

Iain Sproat The Picture Life of Edward Heath

Peter Stafford The Wild White Witch

Sylvester Stallone Paradise Alley

Sylvester Stallone Rocky II

Vance Stanton The Partridge Family

Lindi St Clair It's Only A Game

Jess Stearn The Sixth Man

Tommy Steele The Final Run

Matthew Stein Erotic Paradise

Martin Stellman Defence of the Realm

Hugh Stephenson Claret and Chips

Gus Stevens Vegas Virgins

Sam Stevens Boy Banned

Robert Louis Stevenson & Lloyd Osbourne The Wrong Box

Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart Book of Pop

Bill Stoddart The Music Machine

John Stoker The Illustrated Frankenstein

Manning Stokes Murder Can't Wait

John A Stormer None Dare Call It Treason

Todd Strasser Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Whitley Strieber The Hunger

Alex Stuart The Bikers/The Devil's Rider

Milton Subotsky Tales From The Crypt

Milton Subotsky Dr Terror's House of Horrors

Caroline Sullivan Bye Bye Baby

John Summers The Disaster

John Summers Dylan

John Summers The Raging Summer

John Summers The Rag Parade

Screaming Lord Sutch As Sutch

Jamie Suzanne Brooke and her Rock-Star Mum

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