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Bill Gaines The Vault of Horror

Steven Gaines Discotheque

Bob Gale 1941

Sandy Gall Gold Scoop

Ray Galton & Alan Simpson Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock

Ray Galton & Alan Simpson The Spy With a Cold Nose

Jo Gannon Plasmid

Graeme Garden & Bill Oddie I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again

John Gardner The Censor

John Gardner The Liquidator

John Gardner The Revenge of Moriarty

Simon Garfield The Wrestling

John Garforth The Avengers

William Campbell Gault The Canvas Coffin

Eugene George The Private Twilight of Jacko Tate

David Gerrold Battle for the Planet of the Apes

Renato Ghiotto The Slave

Brian Gibson Breaking Glass

John Gill Hype!

Paul J Gillette Play Misty For Me

M Gilliland The Free

H.B. Gilmour Eyes of Laura Mars

H.B. Gilmour Pretty In Pink

George Gipe Back to the Future

Brian Glanville The Artist Type

Michael Gleason McCloud

Julian Gloag Maundy

Julian Gloag Our Mother's House

Martyn Goff Indecent Assault

Bo Goldman The Rose

Lawrence Louis Goldman The Heart Merchants

Pete Goodman Our Own Story by the Rolling Stones

Ron Goulart Kung Fu

Robert Gover One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding

Rebecca Grand Labyrinth

Dewey Gram Foxes

Oliver Grape Onward Virgins/Crumpet Voluntary/It's A Knock-up!

Martin H Greenberg The Nightmares on Elm Street

James Gregory The David Cassidy Story

Julian R Gregory The Tomorrow People

Hank Green Framed By Lust

Leon Griffiths Minder

Martin A Grove Teen Idols

David Gurney The 'F' Certificate

Patrick Gwynn-Jones & Peter Leslie The Book of Bilk

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